The best cities for property investment in Canada

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Market Growth

A new report suggests that property investors should look outside the biggest housing markets for better returns on their money.

The report from SpendTree shows that for the last five years the best performing markets for investors have been Thunder Bay, Oshawa and Windsor.

The Windsor Star reports that a $100,000 investment in a home in Windsor in 2010, which was rented for five years and then sold in 2015, would return 27 per cent; the scenario would return 22 per cent in Toronto and just 12 per cent in Vancouver.

SpendTree CEO Brian Rutherford commented: “I have invested in properties that have cap rates well north of 10 per cent, which, if you talk to real estate investors, is almost unheard of,” he said.

“It does exist, and you’re going to find it in places like Windsor.”

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